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Finally going Grey....and a little nuts.

Those of you who have known me for some time may be surprised to see my change of name finally appearing in my work – I was born a ‘Bernard’ and have worked as such ever since, despite having been married for over 13 years. But now it just seemed like time. I think he’s a keeper. Either that or I keep being asked for ID and don’t have any in ‘Bernard’ any more.

So, Sarah Grey it is from now on.

Second name change of the month is a new trading name. ‘Eat Write’ has been my trusty company name for 14 years, but it felt like time for a bit of a refresh, so welcome to ‘Pistachio Nutrition’. Do take five minutes to have a nose around my new website if you can.

In the meantime, it’s interesting to see this blog starts at a time of ever increasing media coverage and scrutiny over the way we eat. It’s with some concern that I now commonly hear about cases of Orthorexia, quite literally meaning ‘fixation of righteous eating’, where individuals have become so obsessed with what they eat it is affecting their mental and physical health.

Dairy free, gluten free, plant based, ketogenic, alkaline –there is so much out there it’s exhausting to follow. And while for some individuals a specific diet is essential to manage their health condition, for most of us, it’s about achieving a sensible balance, most of the time. It’s about putting the right amount of good stuff in our bodies, exercising enough to keep us fit and energised and taking time out for our minds to have a little release from the daily hubbub.

Sounds serene. And some of the time it is, but most of us live in the real world where we are trying to achieve snippets of this in amongst the daily scrabble for the car keys and ‘Mum, the dog’s just been sick’.

So, this blog hopes to bring you a potted, evidence based, version of the nutrition issues as they arise, ideas for new (good!) habits and a look at what’s new or interesting out there for us to cook and eat.

Oh yes, and about going Grey, it unfortunately is starting to apply to the hair as well of the name. Just a little, but don’t tell. I hear a bit of copper in the diet can help…..

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