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Get one to one tailored support on nutrition and eating to individuals via phone, video call or in face to face consultations in my central Somerset clinic.

With a special interest in pregnancy and breastfeeding, children, healthy aging, weight management and energy and wellbeing for adults, I can analyse your current diet and discuss meaningful but easy to implement changes to help improve your health.

 Have a listen to what some of my clients have said:

'Sarah was very approachable and I felt comfortable talking to her about my problems and concerns. I found it very helpful that I got sent notes after our consultation'

'Many of Sarah's recommendations helped..especially with messy play and introducing new foods and reducing his formula'

'Sarah was lovely and I particularly liked that she was able to put things into perspective and not try to force a specific, strict routine. The tips were very useful and reassuring.'


Looking after you (both)

Planning a pregnancy, being pregnant and breastfeeding are special times and it's important that your body has all the nutrients it needs to best provide for parents and baby. Let me support you by help providing dietary advice for parents to be, mothers during pregnancy and the highs and lows of feeding a newborn baby.

Pregnant Woman


Fussy eaters, tantrums and a lot of growing.

Children are sometimes the home cooks trickiest customer, and when you're trying to do your best as a parent it can be difficult if your smallest mouth to feed rejects the results of your all your hard work in the kitchen. Get advice, support and top tips on feeding babies through to teens.

Family Cooking


General well being, feeling your best ever self and healthy aging.

We all have our own goals and concerns when it comes to our personal health and fitness. Usually we know what we should be doing about it too, but actually sticking to good intentions can be difficult. I can help you find personalised strategies to help you feel more energised, have a happy relationship with food and your body and help protect your health into your older age.

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